Shamanic Treatment

Old an new medicine

The healing art of "shamanism" (shamanic healing art) is an integral part of the treatment of mental or physical problems and illnesses in all cultures and indigenous peoples of this world. The best known are probably the shamans of the indigenous peoples. But also in all other cultures the knowledge about the healing power of nature, spiritual healing powers, invocation of the ancestors and the power of suggestion was used - long before this knowledge could be scientifically investigated and proven. The term "shaman" only became known in the middle of the 17th century. It comes from the "Tungusic" (Siberian) language and refers to a person who is "moved and uplifted". Also known as a medicine man or woman. They are "spiritual specialists" who, through their ability to connect with the Great Spirit, seek to heal and restore people to their natural wholeness.

Our ancestors assumed that the human being is only a part of the wholeness. He is integrated into nature, the energies of Mother Earth and the universe. All created and supported by this one great Creator and connected with an all-pervading, living consciousness. The power of life that guides, heals, changes everything, constantly renews itself and wants to maintain a harmonious balance.

Nowadays, many people are tired of technology

They no longer want to rely only on devices and the pharmaceutical industry. Whereby all this is an important achievement of mankind for physical and mental health! Nevertheless, more and more people are also seeking healing in nature and the original healing methods again. Even if one looks at their work with great scepticism and doubts, even science today has to admit that the knowledge of this original healing art not only serves to help life, but also produces healing effects again and again. Doubts are, however, appropriate when (mainly in the esoteric scene) shamanic work is propagated as a substitute for medically necessary treatment (for example in the case of cancer or other serious illnesses). That would be charlatanry. But as a support, strengthening, mobilisation of the self-healing powers and for connecting with the inner healer, it is definitely a valuable and healing method. Perhaps a good way to connect the old knowledge with the new.

Natur in der Schamanisches Heilkunst


Before a shamanic session, the shaman sinks into a meditative state (expanded level of consciousness) and connects with the Great Spirit and the forces of nature. He also connects with the client's inner healer. Often he also has a very personal power animal that supports him in his work on a spiritual level.

For treatment, a shaman uses:

  • Ritual chants and sounds
    Acting on the cellular level and subconscious and deepening the client's state of relaxation
  • His Hands
    For energising through the laying on of hands or for cleansing stressed areas of the body or in cases of mental and spiritual overload
  • Visual powers
    For example: Clairvoyance, aura seeing, recognition of physical or mental strain
  • Incense
  • Healing stones
    Ritually consecrated
  • Singing bowls and rattles
    The sounds of the different bowls cause a deep relaxation and reinforcement of the individual treatment rituals through their vibration

Shamanic Treatment

The healing art of "shamanism" is an integral part of the treatment of spiritual or physical problems in the treatment of mental or physical problems and illnesses. and illnesses. In shamanism we work with the life force of nature, spiritual healing powers and the power of the ancestors.

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