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Life is a gift from the universe. But what you do with your life will be your gift to the universe.

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We will be back in Germany from 29 April 2024! Permanently! For appointments, please contact us via my contact details or via Elke.

Returning home to Germany

Now there is a quicker return than expected: on 28 April 2024 we (my wife Elke, our friend Carola and our dog Franzi) will return to Germany, to our home country (Biberach district)! Permanently!

Originally we wanted to live in Greece for several years or even forever, but sometimes things turn out differently than you think. Now, after more than 2 years, my wife has received an inner call that has convinced me just as much, so we have decided together to leave our little paradise and move back. We were able to experience so much here (friends, country, sun, beach and sea) that we take with us in our hearts, so it is a laughing and a crying eye when we leave here and go back to Germany.

We are letting go of our house in Finikounda, on the Peloponnese peninsula, and everything we have built up here. In the meantime, we have found a new house in Germany that has captured our hearts. It's a direct hit... made to make many visitors feel welcome.

The new home address from 29 April 2024 is Eggatsweiler Str. 16, 88348 Allmannsweiler (between Bad Schussenried and Bad Buchau). Lots of peace and nature again and plenty of space for everything you need (including for our work)...and a beautiful garden. Our "return migration" has been taking up a lot of time and nerves for a few months now, but it's going well.

We are already looking forward to seeing you!

Umarmung von Ralf und Elke

However, we can still be contacted for appointments, bookings or enquiries via the usual contact.

More detailed information on dates, costs and procedures can be obtained from us or will be available on our homepage until then.

We are looking forward to see you!

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I am looking forward hearing from you.


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