Shamanistic Training


In the shamanic training we learn to heal our aura, our chakras and our soul by experiencing cleansing rituals, soul repatriations and forgiveness journeys. We will die, be reborn and learn our purpose for being here on Mother Earth. Together we will travel the upper and lower worlds of the shamans, meet our power animals, meet our ancestors and all the archetypes that help guide us on our journey to mastery.

We will use the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, which starts in the South (Identification - wholly unredeemed issues), through the West (Differentiation - issues in redemption), the North (Integration - redeemed issues, neutralised), to the East (Transcendence - mastery over the issue).

Together we will experience healing rituals and rites (from feather cleansing to death care) under the guidance of the Great Spirit, which are still practised today. Living with and in nature will teach us humility and love for all that IS; for the Great Spirit lives in everything.

My goal is to share my knowledge with you, whether you use it just for yourself or pass it on to others later.

In the shamanic training we work with six cardinal directions

The South: The Physical Plane - Snake - Sachamama

The beginning of a big journey

The South is the sign of the snake, which represents our strong connection to Mother Earth. The snake teaches us to recognise blocking beliefs and dependencies, and to shed the past in the same way as the snake skin. With our own strength we accompany our inner child on the path to healing.

Colour: Red

What is it about:

  • How do I communicate with other living beings?
  • Where are my physical, emotional and spiritual blockages?
  • Which beliefs and mechanisms influence my life?

Working method:

  • Sandpainting
  • Feather cleaning
  • Shamanic dreaming
  • Life as a flow
  • Healing work (basic)
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Remote Healing
  • Journey into the lower world (power animal)


  • Basic trust
  • Peace of mind
  • Fulfilled sexuality and sensuality
  • Harmony of male and female energy
  • Transformation of negative energies into positive ones
Schlange in der schamanischen Ausbildung

The West: The Plane of Mind and Emotion - Jaguar - Otorongo

The power animal of the West is the jaguar, which has the task of deciding over life and death. Through him, new things can come into being. It shows the path of fearlessness and the peaceful warrior who has neither triggers inside nor outside. It also symbolises the retreat into darkness, the dying and initiation process as well as the request for vision.

Colour: Blue

Do I give my vision time and space and can I accept it?

Working method:

  • Death ceremony
  • Room cleansing
  • Soul Retrieval 
  • Sandpainting with ancestors
  • Ancestor meal
  • Filtering energies from the ancestors
  • Accepting gifts from the ancestors or not
  • Journey to the upper world


  • Accepting the body and soul as a gift
  • Detachment from the past
  • Aligning with the future
Jaguar in der schamanischen Ausbildung

The North: The Soul Plane - Hummingbird - Sirakinti

Through the small nimble hummingbird we are taught courage, perseverance and efficiency in the North. It accompanies us on the path to our own destiny and at the same time uses the valuable experiences of our ancestors as a resource for new projects. From now on, the adult I makes decisions while heart and mind are in harmony.

Farbe:  Colour: White

What is it about: Do I design my own life vision clearly?

Working method:

  • Extraction solid and liquid
  • Tree encounter
  • Finding a place of power in nature
  • Getting the jaguar from the tree
  • Crystal work
  • Role work
  • Reconciliation journey
  • Torus work


  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Implementing the vision of the West
Kolibri in der schamanischen Ausbildung

The East: The Energy Plane - Eagle (Condor) - Apuchen

The eagle is considered a representative of the divine and challenges us to look at our lives from a higher perspective and to focus on the essentials. and to focus on the essential. In the East, the new beginning begins. The time has come to be the The time has come to be the creator of our own reality and to show ourselves in our full power to the outside world. Let us free ourselves from the shackles of everyday life and breathe in and out freedom!

Colour: Yellow

What is it about: Do I dare to leave old paths to let new things into my life?

Working method: Death is not the end

Goal: Freedom

Adler in der schamanischen Ausbildung

The Below: Mother Earth - Patchamama

The fifth cardinal direction is Mother Earth, which is home to all invisible forces of nature. Here we can ground ourselves, find contact with our groundedness and draw from the feminine primal energy of creation.

To the Above: Father Sun - Grandmother Moon - To the Nation of Stars

The sixth celestial direction is the Above and holds the original source of the masculine creative power, that is, of what we call God. But God is All and thus carries the feminine and masculine all-energy. Therefore, this direction is called the cosmic, immaterial world, in which all invisible spiritual beings reside. Here we make contact and connection with the universe.

Who is the shamanic training aimed at?

So if you...

  • want to actively train as a shaman
  • want to get to know the fascinating and healing world of creation and the Great Spirit
  • want to help others with your healing work
  • want to experience/ live shamanism
  • want to become one with nature again and experience its infinite power

If you...

  • für dein want to take good care of your soul willst
  • want to get to know your true inner self
  • want to find peace within yourself
  • want to experience your inner, natural powers and use them responsibly

... and always in harmony with all that IS. Then this is one of the many ways to find YOU and your true self

I would be happy to accompany you on this exciting and instructive path!

General conditions for shamanic training


You do not need to have any previous knowledge about shamanism. What you need is openness, humility, seriousness and the courage to follow your heart, to follow your heart. The shamanic training takes place with and in nature. I will impart the theoretical and practical knowledge in many hours of learning and growing together.


Our common journey to this great goal requires:

  • 40 Evenings á 2 hours
  • 4 Saturdays á 4 hours

Dates in planning or by arrangement

plus training materials (mesa, crystal, rattle, aqua, incense wood), Travel and catering

For locals prices by arrangement

At our home

Registration is binding and can be made by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail via the contact page . After registration, a cancellation at short notice by the participant is only possible against retention of a processing fee.

More details on request

I am happy to hear from you


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