The Breuss massage is usually applied before the Dorn method. By gently stretching the spine and its interspaces, physical and mental tensions are released. The oil (e.g. St. John's wort oil) used for Breuss massage can be absorbed into the interspaces and promote metabolism. The aim of the Breuss massage is to regenerate the intervertebral discs and relax the muscles in preparation for the Dorn method.


The Dorn method works directly on the transverse process (thorn) of the vertebra. By light pressure of the thumb, they are set up again. With the movement of arms or legs during the treatment, the muscles are loosened and thus facilitate the regulation of the vertebrae. The Dorn method is justified by one-sided stress or incorrect posture in which the vertebrae shift and the openings between them narrow, pinching the spinal nerves and causing pain.

The Dorn method starts with checking the length of the leg. This is followed by realignment of the sacrum (often tilted due to a lot of sitting). When the pelvic blades are free again, we start (from the bottom of the rump up to the top of the head) with the correction of the vertebrae. By releasing the vertebrae, nerves and blood vessels are freed and thus the function of the organs they supply is ensured. By correcting the vertebrae and joints with the Dorn method, the interaction between the spine, musculoskeletal system, organs and psyche becomes obvious and tangible.

The measure should be repeated two to three times in the following weeks, as needed.     

Massages after Dorn-Breuss

A massage for the spine, musculoskeletal system and for
the inner well-being. This method combines gentle vertebral correction
with relaxation massage. It releases mental and physical blockages.

Dates in planning or by arrangement


From 03 March 2024 until 17 March 2024 Elke and I will be in our German home (Bahnhofstraße 10, 88433 Schemmerberg). During this time I offer massages and shamanic treatments. Elke offers constellations. For appointments, please get in touch via my contact details or via Elke.

Dorn-Breuss: € 85.00/ approx. 1 hour treatment

For Greek locals, the standard national price of €45 per approx. 1 hour applies.

Location by arrangement

Option 1) At home in our practice in Akritohori

Option 2) Home visits are possible for people who are unable to be transported for health reasons


Registration is binding and can be made by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail via the contact page . After registration, a cancellation at short notice by the participant is only possible against retention of a processing fee.

More details on request

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